Big Data, driving decisions:THE book

Big Data, Driving Decisions

with direct impact on the real-world,

this is the deep transformation ahead of us.

Hello, I am Renaud Di Francesco, an Engineer and Technology Manager, with a record track in  Digital Innovation (Patents, PhD).

I would like to introduce you to an aspect of Big Data: 
-how Big Data drives decisions

With billions of humans connected through mobile and fixed networks, the challenge is now shifting to connecting our things, any thing, in a meaningful way. This is what Big Data, enabled by Machine to Machine connectivity, is all about:
  • making sense of all bits of knowledge acquired in real time, digested, processed, retrieved, understood through Analytics.                   
  • building a decision and action process, based on the result of this analysis.
  • feeding back commands or actions to the real-world.

My book "Big Data, Driving Decisions" will take you through use cases, technologies, economics of big data, at the cross-roads of society and business. 
It is available on Amazon/Kindle Editions.

 Big Data, Driving Deicisions, "THE book"

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