Debate on the Economics of Data, at TELECOM PARIS workshop on 12 January 2015

Here is a summary of the lively Debate on the Economics of Data hosted by Telecom Paris university on 12 January:

Industrial data?
Currently industrial data are part of closed systems, and the suppliers and users of such systems are very protective about sharing with third parties.
However, some intents are being made.

Luxury data?
Some data can be seen as Giffen good, where high price is expected and desired as part of the value proposition (luxury car, etc). Some "gem" data exist.
High value financial information is part of this category.
Beyond any open economy, State Security data has a somewhat comparable exclusive status.

Key sectors?
Business intelligence is a very active market for big data solutions already.
Health Care and Care for the ageing population is an other area, where big data solutions could:
-support the people in care
-support the carers
especially in the Ambient Assisted Living framework.

Data management?
This is a key question. In particular ensuring that data owners keep control of multiple, possibly cascaded use.

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